The Tunnel

Most folks who commute from NJ to NYC have to go through a tunnel of some sort to get to work. In my case, I go through the Lincoln Tunnel. Most mornings my commute is decent – about an hour from the time I get in my car to the time I sit at my desk. On my trips home my commute is just a bit longer – averaging 1 hr 15 min from desk to door.

This morning my commute was a full two hours. That two hours includes the 45 minutes spent in the Lincoln Tunnel at a complete standstill because a bus broke down midway through. It’s a good thing Denis wasn’t on that bus – we were in a darker part of the tunnel and didn’t move for 30 minutes. And then when we did move it was in 100 yard increments over the next 15 minutes before we finally got out.

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  1. That would have freaked me out! I don’t think I would have been able to deal with being in a tunnel that long… guess I watch too many movies!

  2. Yes, glad I wasn’t on that bus or the bus that I could have been on to take little D to his go-see that also could have broken down in the tunnel. Who needs it? Glad you don’t have a problem.

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