The Truth (Not What Bush Wants You to Know)

From Yahoo News:

Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds

A broad survey of U.S. troops in Iraq by a Pentagon-funded newspaper found that half of those questioned described their unit’s morale as low and their training as insufficient, and said they do not plan to reenlist.

The survey, conducted by the Stars and Stripes newspaper, also recorded about a third of the respondents complaining that their mission lacks clear definition and characterizing the war in Iraq as of little or no value. Fully 40 percent said the jobs they were doing had little or nothing to do with their training.

The findings, drawn from 1,935 questionnaires presented to U.S. service members throughout Iraq, conflict with statements by military commanders and Bush administration officials that portray the deployed troops as high-spirited and generally well-prepared. Though not obtained through scientific methods, the survey results suggest that a combination of difficult conditions, complex missions and prolonged tours in Iraq is wearing down a significant portion of the U.S. force and threatening to provoke a sizable exodus from military service.


Take away the Republican spin, and you’re left with the truth. Good going, Commander In Chief. Maybe you need to land on another aircraft carrier.

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  1. Big D…

    I happen to notice the ‘Comments (0)’ on your last two posts. I miss the online ‘Hannity & Colmes’ routine that you had going with your in-laws. Could this be the beginning of the Bushbino’s Curse? What will it take to get the in-laws to post again?


    p.s. Sorry about the loss. We know your love of the game. There is always next year. Go Mets!

  2. I really didn’t care that the Yankees won. Gives me someone to root against in the World Series. I don’t like the Red Sox, I just hate the Yanks more. And the Mets are already out of the playoff hunt for next season. “What until the season after next,” as Mets fans will soon learn to chant.

  3. We haven’t posted ’cause our cable modem wasn’t working until just a few minutes ago. I’ll say two things: I love George W. Bush, and I love you, too, Denis. *smooch*

  4. One comment on the military poll, then back into the background for me. From my experience in 20 years in the Navy, if only 40% of the troops say they are unhappy, that is a great unit! And if half said they don’t plan to reenlist (meaning the other half would), that would be doubling the usual reenlistment rate. The Stars and Stripes newspaper also has been pretty much anti-senior officials for the entire time it’s been in business, so an unscientific poll from them is not quite worth what you pay for the newspaper, which is zero.

    It’s all in knowing the context…and detecting the Dumbocrat spin away from the facts.

  5. What does it take to get Jen to accept the bait? I’ll keep trying. *lol* Sorry to hear about the cable modem. Looks like everything is okay now.

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