The Travesty of American Idol

I’ll be the first to recognize that Christina Christian was not at her best on Tuesday night singing a Big Band song. I said that she was faltering, and most people agree with that. But to get booted off last night? Totally not right. We all know the general order based on their performances:

1. Kelly Clarkson

2. Tamyra Gray

3. Justin Guarini

4. Christina Christian

5. Nikki McKebbin

6. RJ Helton

So why on earth was RJ not kicked out? HE FORGOT THE WORDS TO HIS SONG. Nikki McKebbin was clearly out of her element singing in Big Band style. Those were the bottom two, and everyone knew it (even Nikki, who packed her bags when she returned to the house after the live performance show). People should vote like the Olympic judges: points off for mistakes. RJ forgot the words. He should have been gone last night. Not Christina, who did a nice job and actually knew all the words.

I’m pretty positive that I know why things got all messed up. RJ has a huge fan element – it’s been growing since Simon and Randy almost tussled a few weeks ago after one of RJ’s lackluster performances. Ever since then, RJ’s been squeaking by. And that’s just wrong – because it should be based on talent, not a teen girl’s crush x 1000s.

All I know is next week it had better be RJ or Nikki going home. Because if it’s either of the Top 3 that I listed above, the producers of the show need to take away America’s voting rights. Cuz we’re idiots.

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