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Last night’s American Idol 2 was quite good – I was glad to see that 9 out of 12 had GREAT performances, and the other three were still better than Nikki McKibben and RJ Helton ever were last year.

Best performances of the night: ROOOO-ben and Kimberly Caldwell.

Worst performances of the night: JOOOOO-lia and Carmen, with Corey following their heels.

Why did I not like Corey? If you were to close your eyes and listen to him, you wouldn’t hear him singing so much as shouting his songs. He chooses songs that are too high for his range, so he doesn’t sing so much as screech through the songs. I’d love to hear him sing about 4 keys down the register – he’d probably be a GREAT singer. But until then, he’s just some guy singing in a range too high to be any good. THAT’S why I don’t think Corey is American Idol material, and that’s why I’m in shock that the judges love him so much. I keep waiting for one of them to say, “You’re great, but try taking it down a few notes.” As for stage prescence – to be honest, I don’t think he has much of that either. Not like Roooo-ben, not like Kimberly Caldwell.

As I said, all the other performers were fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I like how Cpl Josh made his Motown song almost sound like country music, which is perfect since he loves country music so much. I still think Charles’ voice is divine, as is Clay’s.

But the losers of the night were definitely either Carmen or Julia, both of whom seemed super nervous (who wouldn’t be?) and didn’t quite command the stage like the others. I loved Simon’s comments to Julia about her clothes and not bending over – I knew exactly what he was talking about and laughed hysterically when no one got it, only to hear Ryan say a couple minutes later, “Oh NOW I know what Simon was talking about!”

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  1. I completely missed the whole Julia thing! Isn’t Clay the best? I completely agree about Corey, I was thinking the same thing during his performance and wondered why the judges didn’t point that out.

  2. i was kinda surprised they let Lamont Dozier sit along side Paula, Randy and Simon. I don’t think he added much comment-wise. They should have done that with Burt Bacharach last season. Now, he’s the coolest! 🙂

  3. I had to laugh at Simon when he told Corey that having an edge or bad boy style is good for the American Idol. First he encourages eating disorders, and now he’s encouraging public drunkeness!

    Don’t get me wrong. I still (and will always) have a married girl crush on Simon…

  4. I absolutly love Clay Aiken. He is so hot. And so nice. And is voice is so great. Yeow. I love him. I think Kimberley Caldwell is beautiful too.

  5. Tape watched…There were definitely a few wekaer folks. I will wait until jaynee posts about last night’s elimination show before commenting on that.

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