The Time Has Come

Lots of updates! Last week I found out that a friend I had invited to go to Utah with me finally decided to come! I’m flying out tonight and she’s be meeting me tomorrow morning. We’re very excited about the trip AND the chance to hang out for the first time in over 5 years. It’s going to be an awesome trip.

I’ve loaded up my MP3 player with books. I’ve got 2 1/2 to listen to on the plane rides. Two books to recommend that I finished recently: “Cranford” by Elizabeth Gaskell. There is a wonderful Masterpiece Theater miniseries based on the book, but while sharing a lot of the same basic scenes the book is wholly different from the miniseries. Both are fantastic and worth reading/watching. The other book is “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. It is easily the best book I’ve read in ages. Specifically, I listened to the audiobook and think the ladies reading that book are the best narrators EVER. Just fabulous and they made listening to the book an absolute pleasure.

I turned in our tax stuff yesterday to our accountant. I’m hoping he can work his magic. I know that we’ll owe taxes because of my freelance work – my hope is that I’ve set enough aside over this past year to cover the amount I’ll owe. Each time I got paid for freelance work I’d move over 25% into my savings account. I hope that was enough.

I believe my co-hort this week (Meredyth) is going to be bringing her laptop, so I should be able to log in here occasionally and provide updates on what I’m doing in Utah. I’m also taking a camera but I’m not sure how many actual photos I’ll take since it’s not a true “be a tourist” trip.

Lastly, let’s talk American Idol. The girls were horrible on Tuesday night. Simply horrible. The only one truly good was Crystal, the hippie chick. As for the guys last night, I only liked two of them: Casey and Andrew. Those are pretty much my picks for the final three this season. They were great. I’ll be on a plane for tonight’s boot show, and they are getting rid of four. No idea who they’ll get rid of, but as long as my top three stay, I’ll be happy.

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  1. Casey is my pick.

    And I’m halfway through the audio version of The Help and I agree…best one in a long time. And I implore everyone to listen rather than read this one. No substitute for the fabulous narrations…

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