The Tea Party

Today CG hosted a swim and tea party here at the house. Amy and her daughters came over and after a few minutes we headed down to the pool. There were about a dozen kids and parents there already – there was a birthday party taking place in the seating area. But the girls (and CootieBoy) hopped into the pool and splashed around. Amy’s daughter Lexi is a fish in the water – at three years old she had NO hesitation about diving into the pool and swimming to her mom. It was AWESOME. Wish my kids would be that brave! We stayed a little over an hour and then headed back to the house for the tea party portion of the day.

Once in some dry clothes I attempted to have the kids help make some cookies, but they lost interest in about 30 seconds, so Amy, her daughter Emma and I finished them off. I then started making the grilled cheese sandwiches and the tea while Denis finished cutting up the fruit for the fruit salad. The kids were very antsy at that point so I put out some crackers to tide them over for a bit.

Finally, the food was served. I have to admit I was a bit nervous as to whether the girls would drink the tea. But Lexi loved it, CG drank 3 cups, and Emma took a few sips herself. They gobbled down the sandwiches and loved the fruit salad.

The whole objective of the tea was for CG and Emma to get to know each other in advance of kindergarten starting in a couple weeks. There was a bit of shyness on Emma’s part at first, but after a while she opened up and I think they’ll get along quite well once school starts.

At some point CB did a round of “eenie meenie mynie moe” to decide who he wanted to talk to. His finger landed on Lexi, who immediately freaked out that she had been chosen. So I whispered to CB that he should tell her how pretty she looks. He did, and she was so flattered that she gave him a hug. You know he loved that.

Once the tea party was done the kids all ran upstairs to CG’s room to play for a while (i.e., listen to “High School Musical” at full blast while jumping on the bed). Amy, Denis and I left them up there and hung out downstairs talking for a bit so the kids could play. Finally, it was time to go home, so Amy rounded up the girls and headed out, and we invited them back any time (which made Emma happy since she wants to play dress up with CG next time they get together).

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