The Tax Man

Tonight I drove our tax stuff over to the guy doing our taxes. He had a lot of questions for me, and I didn’t have many answers. I know he’s doing it for our best interest – trying to find all the deductions he can.

I also gave him my business stuff and asked if he could make heads or tails out of it. Since I didn’t make a profit, I should be able to consider that a hobby loss (I think that’s what they call it). But I didn’t have all the info he needed. When I got home I went digging through my files and found a few more things for him.

It convinces me all the more that I should just get rid of the business altogether and not do that anymore. We’ll see what the tax ramifications are for that and I’ll make the decision then.

So he said that he may have most of it done by Monday or Tuesday (he’s going away for a couple days for Easter), but I told him that we’re in no rush since it’s already so late in the tax season anyway. But hopefully he’ll have SOME sort of indication of what we will have to pay/get as a refund.

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