The Stuff It Requires

Yes, I’ve already started loading the van. Why? Because when taking two children on a six-day trip you need a lot of crap. The double stroller (just in case we go somewhere exciting for a long period of time), enough diapers and formula to avoid having to go shopping for more diapers, one suitcase stuffed with clothes for a mother and her two kids for six days, a bag of toys to keep the toddler daughter satisfied while visiting Marmie’s house, and a bouncey seat to place the infant son once he’s fallen asleep and you just can’t hold him one more second or else your arm will fall off. I am still debating whether I’m going to bring the pack/n/play – my mother has one already at her house, which will work for the infant son, but I don’t know if I want toddler daughter sleeping with me in the bed since she tends to CROWD ME just a tad (she likes to sleep rightupagainstme which causes me to hug the side of the bed all night praying that I don’t roll over onto her (I never have – but when she was teeny tiny I laid awake at night many times, hugging the side of the bed instead of just moving her bedhog lump of a self into the middle of the bed so I could get some sleep)). So the second pack/n/play just may make it into the van for her sleeping enjoyment.

Still to pack: the cooler filled with already mixed formula for the infant son, milk and juice cups for toddler daughter, as well as fun foods you know she’ll enjoy while on the six-day trip (i.e., teddy grahams, yogurt, Cheerios, etc.) and also a few things for the mother – water bottles, chocolate milk, chocolate, chocolate and just a little bit of chocolate – just in case.

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  1. Hope the trip went smoothly. Ace and Anthony cancelled on me because they had to go furniture shopping. Oh, well.

    I still can’t get my form to work on my RE web site. I opened a ticket with the techies there. I’m sure it’s something easy to fix, but I can’t do it.

    I’m getting there. Should have it done by the time you come home.


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