The Storyline Update

Well, I took another look at the book outline I drew up a few months ago, and I still like the sound of the story. It’s definitely a chick book – modern day romance kind of thing. But despite my vast knowledge of Danielle Steel books, it’s not that kind of romance novel.

I’d consider it to be more like a Jude Devereaux book, with a touch of the younger set. After all, I was a club kid for 8 years – I have to mentioned club culture in at least PART of the book. And I mean that in a legitimate sense. I hate when I read books that deliberately mislead the reader as to what club culture is all about. Sure there’s a sense of meat-market to some clubs, but the ones I went to were not like that for me. It was about getting together with my friends and dancing for several hours. Okay, and the free liquor during open bar – but we were broke, man, we couldn’t pay for drinks even if we wanted to. We could barely afford the $1 tip for each drink!

But that’s beside the point. The main point is that I’ve read over my outline and I still like the way the story runs in my head, so I’m going to take a crack at writing Chapter One. Who wants to take bets on how far I’ll actually get before I get bored and quit?

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