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That song that Tamyra wrote that is now the American Idol’s first single? Tailor-made for FantaBounce Barrino. It’ll go straight to number one, and I *may* by the single (but I won’t by the full-length cd).

But man, what a waste of two hours that was. Thank God for the cranky feverish baby we have tonight that allowed me to miss the middle section entirely.

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  1. I agree, that is why I only watch the last 10 minutes of every episode. However, I love Fantasia and will probably own her entire CD. Her voice gives me goose pimples.

  2. I thought Fantasia would win over Diana, but personally, I actually liked Diana’s version of “I Believe” better than Fantasia’s. I love the song though regardless and I would buy the single. I will not buy Fantasia’s album unless she drastically changes her style from her AI performances. I might buy Diana’s–depending on what songs she ends up recording.

  3. I’ll be different. I hate them both. Give me that wacky Elvis-imitator John who got the boot on week six. Just kidding. Latoya was the only good one in the contest this year.

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