The Smart Car Is Comin’!!

When Denis and I went to Amsterdam in 1999 for our second anniversary, I was spellbound by these tiny little cars that were parked all over the city. I even took a picture of one of them, sad that I couldn’t own one for myself.

Well, the Smart Car is coming to America in 2008! And at 40 mpg this cute little thing will be a hit with the coeds just out of college, I’m sure (especially since the price range can’t be beat ($11-15K).

Sadly, I can’t own one since it is a two seater (thus no carseats for the kiddies), but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream…

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  1. You know what else is coming? Trader Joe’s – to “Charlotte north” and “Charlotte south” according to the TJ’s web site. I keep hoping to see one pop up near here, but no luck so far.

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