The Smallest Change

Since we moved into our house (3 years ago this Saturday!), I’ve not really liked the main bathroom in our upstairs hallway. That bathroom is the main bathroom, but it’s primarily Denis’ (I use the bathroom in the guest bedroom over the garage). It has light tan marble tiles from floor to ceiling on the walls, a dark wood sink cabinet, a gold yellow toilet, and dark brown 2″ tiles on the floor. Not the most attractive bathroom in which to get ready for work (thus my need to use the bright blue/yellow bathroom in the guest room).

So my nesting urge has taken over, and I’ve decided that that bathroom needs an overhaul – but a cheap one since we have no money for a true “remodel”. I bought all new towels – a nice deep burgundy color – to replace Denis’ evergreen towels. I plan on painting the cabinetry and mirror in that same burgundy color. And since we don’t have $$ to redo the floors entirely, I bought light tan bathroom carpeting as a quick fix until we DO have the money to redo the floors. Last night I put down the carpet – the kind that you have to actually CUT IN around the cabinets and commode. It was time consuming, and it’s not perfect – but it sure does look better! It’s amazing how it lightened up the small space – and it even made the gold yellow toilet kind of “disappear”, which was nice since it DOESN’T MATCH anything in the bathroom (what were they thinking?).

This weekend I plan on heading to Home Depot to pick up the burgundy paint, and I think I’m going to also get some new cabinet hardware – something in gold to match the light fixtures and the shower enclosure. Add in new accessories with burgundy and gold and VOILA – a whole new bathroom for about $200 (the carpeting alone was $70).

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  1. If I were you, I would re-think the burgundy cabinetry and go with a neutral, antique cream colored paint. Otherwise it is going to shout (!) and you really don’t want the cabinet to be a major focal point. Also, your goal is to make the room brighter and bigger, a neutral will help with that. Your thoughts?

  2. I disagree a bit – my fear is that by painting the cabinets and mirror in a cream color it’ll make the bathroom REALLY monotone, despite the burgundy towels and burg/gold accessories.

  3. Usually I would keep my nose out. Ok, I never keep my nose out.

    I am beginging to rethink the burgundy Cabinets and Mirror myself Jaynee.

    It may darken the room up a bit to much. I think you have made up your mind, but I think the “antique cream colored paint” will probably look better and you can still accent the bathroom with the Burgundy Towels and other Burgundy things that you put in there. i.e. Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dispenser, Pictures/Paintings. Not to mention, if you paint it the Antique Cream and don’t like it, it will be easier to paint over and less work then the other way around.

  4. I have to agree with Mom and Ace – go with light paint on the cabinetry. It’s a really small bathroom and the burgundy will make it seem more like a dungeon, imho. Then, too, the burgundy towels and accessories will “pop” more in the neutral base.

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