The Small Pleasures In Life

One of my favorite books that I read a few years ago was “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” by Brian Selznick. I found the book at a school book fair when Cootiegirl was probably only in kindergarten or first grade. Despite being a children’s book, I was completely entranced by not only the wonderful story but the amazing illustrations throughout the book.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I caught this trailer before a movie a few weeks ago:

Encouraged by the reaction the kids had to the trailer, I pulled the book from the shelf, and for the past several nights the three of us have been reading a chapter a night. We’re still in Part 1, up to Chapter 8 for tonight’s reading. The kids are just as enthralled as I was, and last night after CG was sent to her room for not bringing her homework home from school, she bawled like a baby not because she had to go to her room, but because it meant she couldn’t hear the next chapter in the book. Note: I relented and let her listen to the next chapter we read in the book.

I can’t recommend the book enough to you. Ignore the fact that it’s a children’s book. Don’t wait for the movie to come to introduce yourself to this story. Buy the book – in hardback if you can – and sink into it, enjoying every morsel that uncovers itself on every page.

You won’t regret it. I’m very excited about the movie. I hope it lives up to the book. I hope Martin Scorcese honors the material he brought to life on film. Because I think I’ll be devastated if the movie ends up being bad. Because the book is that good and I fear a bad movie will turn people away from this book that has become beloved in my library.

But not only is it beloved in my library, but I’ve loved having the opportunity to read to my children and allow them to expand their minds even as we huddle together on the bed pouring over the pictures.

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