The Shoes Were No Help

So last night I hung out with my officemates for dinner and bowling . The ladies went to dinner at The Pink Teacup, a soul food place in the Village. The service was a bit slow, but my salmon burger was delish and disappeared into my belly way too fast. We then walked from the restaurant over to Bowlmor Lanes near Union Square to meet up with the rest of the group. Only 12 bowled, but we ended up with about 15 people once all the folks and their friends arrived.

Everyone was convinced I was a ringer since I brought my own bowling shoes, but I kept telling them that a high score from me, while possible, is extremely rare. I didn’t do too badly though considering I haven’t bowled in about a year. My first game I scored 89 and my second I scored 70. The third game we didn’t finish but it was on track to be about the same as my previous two scores.

TC, on the other hand, was the ringer of the evening. He swore up and down that he didn’t bowl, and then promptly scored in the 150s in the first game. Sure, you don’t bowl.

I got home around 1 a.m., which is reasonable. I was going to try and get to Port Authority to take the bus, but a voucher for our company car service ended up in my hands, and I was urged to use that instead since it was a company outing.

All in all a fun night and I look forward to the company Christmas party, if I can go. I still need to find out if I’m required at band rehearsal that night or not.

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  1. I have this disorder…whenever I am bowling (which unfortunately isn’t often)…all I want to do is find a plausible way to steal the bowling shoes.

    I will admit it, I have done it once…and I LOVE my stolen bowling shoes. It’s people like me that cause bowling alleys to start keeping your own shoes as collateral…

    I know I am the devil! lol

  2. Shelley, I too have a pair of old school bowling shoes lifted from an alley. But they are so scratched up from wearing them to dance clubs for so many years that I opted to just buy a pair of shoes for myself. It’s mainly to save money – these shoes will last me for YEARS and in the long run will save me the cost of numerous shoe rentals I would have otherwise incurred.

  3. I didn’t want the schlep the ball into the city and then to dinner and then the alley and them home again. The shoes were a pain enough to carry around with me that day. *lol* The ball is only used when bowling locally in NJ – it’s not an interstate bowling ball. =)

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