The Return of The Mole

And I don’t mean the ones that can be found in our backyard. No, the Mole I’m talking about is the one on television! They took it off the air last year in the wake of declining reality tv ratings after September 11, but they brought it back for summer. And I’m so happy because I worship Anderson Cooper.

I loved the first round of The Mole, despite never properly guessing who was the Mole. This year I am going to say that it is Myra, the older flight attendant. I’m probably wrong, but you never know.

So YAY for the return of Anderson Cooper! Some might say I named my dog after him, but they’d be wrong. But it’s a happy coincidence, isn’t it?

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  1. I’m so happy The Mole 2 is back…

    I’m reserving judgement on naming a Mole this early, although I find Elavia and Dorothy a little suspicious. We shall see…

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