The Refreshment Review

We’ve been eating leftovers from the party and it’s time to review the menu and decide what to keep and what to never make again!

  • Stuffed mushrooms – Denis makes these every year and, once again, this year they didn’t disappoint.
  • Bruschetta – we made three kinds this year. Pesto, goat cheese and artichoke. Sadly, the tray of the pesto and goat cheese versions was lost in the Great Bruschetta Dump of 2012 (read: Denis dropped them on the floor as he was putting them away). But the artichoke version was very tasty. The artichoke recipe we found on Pinterest.
  • Curried shrimp tarts – these were a huge hit last year, and were a hit again this year. I definitely added more curry this year because they have a nice zing to them this time around.
  • Bacon-wrapped pineapple – I had tested this at book club earlier this year with great success. Last night they ended up being slightly overdone, but disappears in seconds so I guess they were still good. *lol*
  • Mini yorkshire puddings – every year I try, and every year I fail to get the yorkshire puddings done right. However, this year I refused to give up when my puddings failed, and opted to continue on, doing a YP Redux. Instead of the bread pudding I wrapped the filet, sour cream and horseradish in a sheet of phyllo dough. I got good feedback on this one. For the GF people I used rice paper cups that we had created earlier in the afternoon.
  • Maple salmon bites – yummy, yummy, yummy.
  • Meatball popovers – Denis made meatballs and then wrapped them in crescent roll dough. I got good comments back on this one. In fact, I baked 12 of these just prior to the WE game started, but didn’t have time to serve them, so I just put them on the stove and chalked them up as a loss. However, when the WE game ended and I came in the kitchen, the tray had been emptied – people had helped themselves! =)
  • Crab cakes – Denis made these with gluten free corn bread and we got a couple requests for seconds on these.
  • Honey BBQ chicken on romaine hearts – I only made 20 of these, and they were gone in an instant.
  • Mini french onion grilled cheese sandwiches – using GF bread, we didn’t get to serve many of these because they came out when people started getting full, but those that did have them seemed to like them.
  • Mini stacked BLT bites – this was the first hors d’oeurves that we served and people really liked them. Pretty easy to make, we’ll probably do these again. Another Pinterest recommendation.
  • Sausage bites – fill a phyllo cup with sausage, two kinds of cheese and red peppers. Can’t go wrong.
  • Mini quesadillas – using GF tortillas, we made three varieties (cheese, beef, chicken) and served them with sour cream as a dip. People really liked these.
  • BBQ chicken bites – alas, we didn’t serve these at all. There’s always a dish we forget, and this was it. We still have all 25 in a tupperware container in the fridge. But they looked good when I made them. *lol*
  • All in all, I think it was a successful menu, especially since it was the first time we concentrated on going gluten-free as much as possible. I’m certainly enjoying the leftovers!

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    1. I still can’t get over how thoughtful you guys were to make so many gluten free treats. I’ll add my rave reviews to everything I tried!

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