The Productive Day

The day ended up being very productive. We got four batches of cookies done today (FOUR! That’s amazing to me!). We also have two of the hors d’oeuvres prepped and ready to go. If I’m feeling frisky I MAY do another hors d’oeuvres prep, but I may not. I do know that Denis wants to put up a few more decorations and call that project done.

This year we’re not putting the tree in the front window. We’ve got it set up so it can be seen when you walk in the front door, but NOT in the window. I have to say I actually LIKE where it is this year. I may put it there every year from now on. The tree isn’t really that visible from the front window ANYway, so it’s not like we were sharing our tree with the passers-by or anything.

We’re going to have to wait to do the outside decorations on Friday when we’re both home. We ran out of daylight today. We want to put wreaths on all the front windows and lights on the bushes. I suppose the lights can be done at night since they need to be ON when we put them on the bushes, but I still say we may as well wait ’til Friday.

And that’s our Sunday. Can’t believe I’m going back to work tomorrow. Somehow I’m just as exhausted as I was before we left. *lol*

That’s the thing I look forward to the most in May when we go to Duck, NC for my cousin’s wedding. I’m not doing a DANG THING while we are there. No sightseeing, no running around town. Just books, movies, sun (if it’s warm enough), and swimming (the house we’re renting has a pool – hopefully it’s warm enough for that too). That’s it.

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