The Potential WE Menu for 2014

Denis and I are working feverishly to determine this year’s White Elephant menu. We are 39 days out, so it’s time to get serious and figure out what we’ll be serving. This is what we’ve come up with so far:

1. Bruschetta – two types (Veggie)

2. Crab Meltaways (Seafood)

3. Sweet Potato Soup (Soup Veggie/GF) (NEW)

4. Fig and Stilton Squares (Veggie)

5. Spinach/Avocado Stuffed Mushrooms (Veggie/GF)

6. Coconut Shrimp (Seafood/GF)

7. Some type of meatballs (lots to choose from) (Beef/Lamb/GF)

8. Brown Sugar, Brie and Bacon Crescents (Bacon) (NEW)

9. Herb and Cheese Stuffed Brussels (Veggie/GF) (NEW)

10. Cucumber Rolls (Veggie/GF) (NEW)

11. Mini Lobster Rolls (Seafood) (NEW)

12. Rumaki (Chicken/GF) (NEW)

Out of 12 hors d’oeurves, six are brand new. Not only that, but we have seven gluten-free items on the menu, which our GF friends will be happy to have. We’re also half veggie, half not. I think it’s a good balance of things that people will eat without going out of our way to cater to one particular food mindset.

We’re not going to make tons of cookies this year – we’re only going to make 3-4 kinds in small batches. As our end-of-night giveaway (normally a cute container with a dozen or so different kinds of cookies inside) we have something else planned this year.

It’s a fun time of year. I’m very excited that in one month we’ll be able to put out our Christmas decorations! WOOT!

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