The Pope Is Dead, er…Long Live The Pope

So Pope John Paul II has died today. NJ Sue wins the Cootiehog Celebrity Death Pool. He was 84 years old, which means NJ Sue has 16 points. I’ll check with Denis, but I think this means we can select new famous people for the next round.

The only rule? Can’t pick anyone that has been in the news in the past few weeks/months as being severly ill (i.e., Jerry Falwell).

As for my last pick, it seems like Courtney Love is cleaning up her act a bit – so I’ll have to rethink who I’ll choose.

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  1. I have been in tears all weekend. In the event my prognostications are in any way psychic, for the next round please pencil in my choice: Fidel Castro, with Sadaam Hussein a close second.

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