The Plumbiest Plumber In All The Land!

This morning I am home so that our water heater can be replaced. As a side benefit we had him take a look at our garbage disposal which stopped working a couple months ago. After about five minutes of fiddling he pulled out one of CootieBoy’s metal spoons – it was completely mangled and nasty. And voila – the disposal works again. I LOVE our plumber.

And now he and three of his guys are in the garage replacing the water heater. And can I tell you? The prices he quoted to replace it were AWESOME. He’ll be my plumber for life if he gets this thing installed and we have no issues with it in the next year or two. I will use him as long as I live here and he’s in business. Good labor prices, no grifting, nice guy. My only beef is that he is slow to return calls – but when he does return calls he gets the job done. We called him last Friday and didn’t hear from him until Tuesday. We were about to give up on him and call someone else when he called back. So imagine my surprise when he said, “I can get you taken care of on Thursday morning.” WOW! I figured we’d have to wait another week!

This will be one check I’m HAPPY to write when he comes in and says he’s done. Because based on what he quoted on Tuesday, we’re probably saving about $300-400 off the project cost I was presuming we’d be paying for the new heater and labor.

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