The Plan For Today

The kids are in the other room watching “Spy Kids 2” while coloring. CB really wants to play Lego Batman but I told him the movie comes first so I can pop it in the mail back to Netflix.

Today Denis will be taking CG to see “Peter Pan” in Charlotte. And after much debate I’ve decided to go ahead and take CB to my company’s fall party which is taking place at a pumpkin patch a few towns over. They’ll have lots of kid activities, which he’d enjoy, so I’m going to suck it up and go even though none of my buddies are going to be there.

Tonight one of the guys from our small group is being baptized on the main campus of our church. We’ve decided to go to that service and support him. It’ll be chaos – that campus is HUGE and each service holds about 2500 people. And the only place I know there is where our band would practice – the youth room. I know NOTHING else about that campus. *lol* In turn, I have no idea where we’ll find Rog for his baptism, but we’ll give it a shot.

And that’s it for today. Since we’re doing church tonight Denis and the kids will get to sleep in tomorrow, but I have to go help set up at our church location because I’m going to be working on the sound crew more frequently (when I was in the band I would do it purely as fill-in). I’ve told the organizer that I’ll be staying only for the setup and then heading home. I look forward to the lazy day tomorrow since small group starts back up tomorrow evening.

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