The Perfect Hooky Day

Today is absolutely gorgeous here in the NY/NJ area. Sun is shining, light breeze, clean air – the perfect spring day.

And I’m here at the office. =(

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  1. You are too right. I was so happy today that I didn’t have to wear a coat to work. So Happy!

    It was really nice yesterday when I got home from work, I decided it was time to do a bit of “car” spring cleaning. Now is all clean and sparkly.

    Ahhhhh A breath of fresh Spring air.

  2. I was going to walk around and hang door hangers today, but I had to have my tooth pulled instead. *sigh* Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow will be nice. I’m supposed to show houses in the morning if I can set up the appointments right now.

  3. It was very nice here also in Texas. 85 degrees. Went swimming outside and in my outside jacquizzi.

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