The Official Disney Fund Amount

Today is the last deposit from PPP going into my Disney fund account. I have a small check at home that I still need to deposit. Once I get that in there, we will officially have $1691 for spending money for our trip to Disney. That $1,691 will cover gas, groceries, gift tchotchkes (although we’ll get off light on this since my entire family will be vacationing with us), parking fees and money spent inside the parks themselves. This averages out to $211 per day (including our travel days). I’ve already calculated that the roundtrip cost for gas will be about $250. Taking that out of the equation, we really have more like $180/day including travel days. Which is still pretty darn good since there’s NO WAY we’ll spend that much on travel days.

And actually, I just realized – that’s not everything! I have $60 in AmEx gift checks at home to use AND I believe I’ll be getting $200 from the medical study next Wednesday morning. I don’t know if that’ll be via AmEx gift check or an actual CHECK, but either way, I forgot to add that money – so we really DO have about $211 per day when you consider the AmEx stuff will pay for the gas costs.


With any luck we’ll bring some home – my goal is to bring some home. I’ve decided I want a Wii. I know I said I’d “never” have a video game in the house, but the Wii Fitness just looks too cool not to try (c’mon – hula hooping? bowling? I’m all over that!) and would be more expansive than just doing Dance Dance Revolution on a used PS2.

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  1. I think you are close on the gas estimate. I checked the price of gas in Orlando and it’s about ten cents more than us on average. Are we sharing the cost of gas at all? Doesn’t matter if we don’t. Just remember hearing that thrown out there.

  2. Tip: Set a limit ahead of time with the kids for “prizes” for them. Disney kiosks and stores are everywhere. We told our kids that they could each choose one item that they really wanted for their souvenir, I doubt that we actually got out of there with one item each (it was a long time ago), but it was a goal!

  3. Bev – I’ll probably give them each a $20 bill at the start of the day and tell them they can spend it any way they want but once it’s gone that’s it. I predict Day One they’ll spend it within 10 minutes, and by Day Six they’ll save it for something really good. It’ll be a nice way to start teaching them about good money habits.

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