The Night Officially Begins!

Okay, peeps, it is 8 p.m. which means the night has officially begun. Big Brother is on (woo hoo!) I’m enjoying some sweet & sour chicken that my husband bought (at Costco, of course), and CootieGirl will be going to bed in the next few minutes once she’s done with her ice pop.

Movies I have in the attic with me? “Taxi”, “Peter Pan” Blade: Trinity” and “Danger UXB, Disk 1” Plus I have Harry Potter along with two packages of Pop-Tarts. I also have about two months worth of charts to put into CootieBoy’s tracker. I’ve been participating in a beta test of a software that helps tracking bottles, diapers, sleep patterns, medicine and growth of your infant. It’s a FABULOUS software, even though I’ve been remiss in updating it. But I saved so many sheets because I knew I’d have nothing better to do tonight!

Onward Big Brother – AVENGE KAYSAR!

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