The New WordPress 2.5

Okay, I’m finally on board with WP 2.5 – but it was hit or miss there the first couple of days.

I’m surprised they decided to release this version since there seem to be a LOT of bugs with the image gallery portion of the admin interface. Matt’s little video about the new functionality did NOT show up that way on my admin screen, and it was only after going through all the forum posts (and there were a LOT of forum posts) to find five different recommendations on how to fix it. I did all five, and have 95% capability now. Supposedly I should be able to batch upload pictures, but I still can’t figure out how to get that – I can only upload one at a time. But I can live with that.

The rest of the admin interface seems to work well, even if it takes some getting used to. I guarantee someone will create a plugin to make the admin interface go back to the way it used to look. *lol*

The best thing about the new WP 2.5 is that I was finally able to upgrade all my plugins. I had downloaded an automatic plugin updater that just wasn’t working, but in 2.5 I was able to get that to work like a dream.

I know I’m boring just about everyone with this, but I figured since I made a stink about 2.5 in a post earlier this weekend, I should clarify how I feel about it NOW.

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  1. I was very curious about this as well. You need to post what you had to do and make it easy on the rest of us 🙂 I’m so scared to update now!

  2. Amy – definitely wait a couple weeks for the inevitable “2.5.1” version that fixes all these errors. I normally wait but decided to jump in – and got a headache for my trouble.

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