The New TV Season Is A’startin’

The new tv season is getting underway. Tonight there are three “must see” shows for me: Glee, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Next Top Model.

Yes, I watch ANTM. I think the photo shoots are interesting and I always love the makeover episode.

But let’s talk to all those people who don’t watch SYTYCD (I mean you, Mom and Jen). If you like Dancing With the Stars, then you HAVE to watch SYTYCD. The reasons are many, but the main one is this: once the audition episodes are over (which are more funny than the American Idol auditions) you don’t have to sit through weeks of bad dancers to get to the cream of the crop. ALL YOU SEE is amazing dancing. Amazing routines. By incredibly talented dancers. No Tucker Carlsons or Jerry Springers gumming up the works. No awkward Susan Lucci bringing down Tony Dovolani. No NFL players getting by merely on popularity despte clunky feet and lack of hip-sway. No, on SYTYCD you get pure energy, fantastic footwork, and magnificent routines. Lacey and Chelsea, who are both on DWTS now as pro partners, came from SYTYCD. Doesn’t that tell you anything?

As for Glee – if you don’t watch it, you are missing out. It’s a fun show and worth catching. CootieBoy and I have listened to the cast’s version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” about 100 times this past week. I’m so happy this show is finally on, having watched the pilot back in MAY.

The other show I’m looking forward to that start this week: The Vampire Diaries (starts tomorrow on CW Network),

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