The New Phones Are Here! The New Phones Are Here!

So last night Denis and I became total nerds and spent the entire evening programming and learning how to use our new phones. For a good two hours we Bluetoothed, organized the address book, made calls and just played with the phones.

Can I just say I love this phone? The only thing it’s lacking that the Nokia had is a video recorder (however, it does PLAY videos it receives). Denis lamented over that this morning, but my response was “and just how often do you videotape something on your phone?” His answer went unspoken (read: hardly ever).

I love the big interior screen. I’m in the process of moving my photos via Bluetooth and then the photos pop up on the new Razr they seem HUGE compared to the small visual on the Nokia 3650. I’m a pro with the whole Bluetooth thing at this point – I’m averaging one photo every 15 seconds being moved over.

Denis practiced with the Bluetooth headset this morning and it sounded okay. The speakerphone on the Razr is fabulous – I can’t believe how loud and clear it is. The feel of the phone is fine – I’ve read in reviews how some people don’t like how wide the phone is. However, when I held the Razr up to my Nokia 3650 it was no different – just much more flat.

As for Cingular’s coverage, I had all four bars in my living room (which I didn’t have with T-Mobile), and I have two bars here at my cubicle (whereas I had NO service with T-Mobile). Time will tell whether Cingular is able to keep up with T-Mobile, which had excellent overall service for the most part. I’ve read some negative things about Cingular, but I hope those comments are proven wrong.

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  1. :irked:

    I was totally on the phone with someone when you called me a bit after 10PM. I was like “HEY, MY FRIEND IS CALLING ME. THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING WRONG, I HAVE TO LET YOU GO!!”

    Make me worry like that!.

    Glad you love your new phones.:biggrin:

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