The New Phone In My Life

I ordered a new cell phone today. I liked my old phone well enough – I’ve not had many problems with it, but the contract expires September 28th, so I thought I’d make a switch.

So now I will have the Nokia 3650, a pretty nice phone that has video and camera capability, text messaging and web access as well as the ability to sync with Outlook, which will be GREAT. Plus, with the rebates that is offering right now, the phone comes free. Not a bad deal, really.

Denis is going to get a new phone as well, but he doesn’t know which one he wants yet. He wants to replace his phone really bad, as he hates his. We use Sprint PCS and he always has problems receiving or making calls. So we’re hoping switching to Nokia phones and another phone carrier will improve his level of comfortability.

We were originally researching Blackberries, but decided against them when we found the Nokia phones do the same thing but are actual PHONES instead of PDAs that can be used as phones.

I can’t wait to get it in the mail in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. I’m leaning towards ordering the same phone, but I have a few others I’m still interested in. I’ll list them here. Maybe tonight while Jaynee goes out to dinner with her friends.

  2. I wonder if I could buy a phone off amazon… hmmmmm Mine isn’t that great šŸ™ however I don’t think CellureOne offers cool stuff such as sending video/photos šŸ™

    CellureOne has this THING I think, where even if they support that type of phone I can’t buy it from some place else…

  3. my bloke has a sprint phone and it is pot luck if it works right. I hear it ringing on the phone but his phone doesn’t ring. If you do leave vm it can take a week sometimes before it gets through to him. He used to be on nextel which was waaaaay beter than his crappy sprint one.

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