The New Diet

I haven’t posted since June about my plan to lose weight before the two weddings I’m participating in this December. That’s because I haven’t really done anything since early June. In fact, of the 17 pounds I lost from February – June I’ve gained back 4 of them.

But that’s okay, because this new job has enabled me to lose 1 pound since Monday. How? By having me on the opposite side of the office from my two bosses I’m forced to get up and walk over to their section no less than 100 times a day. I walk more in this job than I ever did at my old company. Add to that the fact that there is minimal snack food compared to my old job and scant time available to even each lunch, you end up with a net loss of one pound thus far this week.

I don’t know how long that will last, but I told Denis last night that I wouldn’t go back on South Beach until this current notion of weight-loss-through-work comes to an end. Once I’ve evened out and find a specific schedule in this job I’ll go ahead and do the two-week Phase 1 of SBD again to jump-start weight loss again. I think that will be in about six weeks, which is the estimated timeframe for my new cubicle to be put together and made ready for me.

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The New Diet

So you know how I started on South Beach Diet on Monday morning? And you know how it’s only Wednesday? Well, according to my scale this morning I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds. Scary, huh? That shows you how many carbs I was eating before Monday morning!

So I logged into my FitDay account and put in the foods I’ve eaten in the past three days and found that on Monday I had 933 calories, on Tuesday I had 950 and so far today I’ve had 568. No wonder I’m down 2.5 pounds – I’m not eating enough calories! Any good doctor will tell you that a body needs at least 1200 calories per day just to function normally.

Part of the problem was not having breakfast – I need to try and have at least SOMETHING for breakkies every day. A two-egg omelette with a slice of American cheese is about 300 calories so tomorrow I’ll stop into the little deli downstairs and have them make me a two-egg omelette. Then I’ll make my daily cup of tea and begin my day.

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  1. Good luck with the South Beach Diet! I lost 35 lbs. doing the low carb thing nearly three years ago…and have kept most of the weight off.

    I feel SO much better when I’m not putting a ton of starch and sugar into my system. 🙂

  2. And you’re right on track with breakfast. I wound up eating several times a day just to make sure I never went hungry. I was the poster child for those old Snickers commercials where the kids need something to “perk them up” after school.

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