The New Cootie Backyard

When last I spoke of it, we were fully into the Summer of Landscaping. I’m happy to report that we are almost done completely with that project.

We ended up NOT doing a screened in patio – we got several quotes and none of them were within the price range we were willing to spend, so we opted just to extend the existing patio slab to go from 14×17 to 22×17. This way we’d have plenty of room for furniture, a firepit, the grill and the smoker.

I only have a few pictures – but they definitely show the improvement.

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Not picture are a butterfly bush and two blueberry bushes that have been planted near the shed. I had them in containers originally, but took advantage of the landscapers and had them relocated into the ground. They were due to move up to bigger containers before becoming rootbound. I hope they like their new location and flourish over the next couple of years.

The new grass is spotty on the slope because watering it causes the seed to go down the hill. We now have a lot of grass now growing under our shed as a result. *rolls eyes* We’ve decided to wait until the spring and put down sod in the patches where the seed just gets washed away. Either way what we have now is an improvement over what we had before.

This past weekend Denis and I worked a bit more in the yard – we cut back some more branches that were close to the house, mowed the new grass, some other stuff. And once we were done I took the covers off a couple pieces of the lawn furniture where CootieGirl and I sat for a bit chatting and enjoying the cool weather. It was EXACTLY what I hoped for when we began the project.

Did we come under budget? Nope. And we’ll spend a bit more in November when I have the landscaper come back to plant the 10 Mountain Laurels that will go along the back fence to create a privacy hedge. But it was absolutely worth every single penny spent. Our yard has gone from being a dingy overgrown mess to something that I can absolutely keep up and maintain. And enjoy for years to come.

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