The New Computer is Super Sexy

So we FINALLY got our new computer all set up and in it’s final configuration today. She’s marvelous and lovely. And incredibly sexy and new. And FAST. Wow – it speeds along so fast I had forgotten computers could even GO at these speeds!

My dad is a saint for sending this to us. He included a piece of software called PC Mover, and I don’t want to be a shill for them, but I’m just going to say that the software 1) was easy to use and 2) moved EVERYTHING from the old machine to the new machine (everything we decided to keep, that is – some stuff we left on the old machine because we just weren’t using it anymore).

Today we confirmed everything was there AND took the time to load up software we had removed from the old machine to try and speed things up before it died. So now the new machine has everything we need – including the software I needed to move forward into the finishing stretch of my freelance project.

I haven’t named the new machine yet, but may go with Silver, to go with Ivory the MP3 Player (may she RIP) and Scarlet the Blackberry. Hi ho, Silver!!!

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  1. Nice to know it’s all working. PCMover is pretty good at moving your stuff. You only get one use of it, but for that one time, it does move everything.


  2. What’s awesome is that now that stuff is moved over, the old computer is running fast enough (still slow, but fast enough) that it is running MagicJack (our new home phone) with no issues. MagicJack has been known to really bog down a CPU, so having it on there by itself is perfect.

  3. Ah, you got the Avatar up for Dad. Is that an awesome likeness or what? Though I told him the nose is way too big ~ he has a perfectly shaped, small nose, not the bulbous one illustrated. 🙂

  4. It’s Earl, from the Pickles cartoon strip. You can see it at His wife is Opal. I think the cartoonist lives in our house. (Actually, Earl and Opal are based on his in-laws in Utah, who must be about the same age as Marmie and me.)

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