The New Coffee Machine is Here!

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand coffee. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about the new coffee machine we just got in the office.

The old machine was horrible – half the time we were mopping hot coffee off the floor because the machine leaked, or dumping cold coffee from the carafes because they wouldn’t hold the temperature of the freshly brewed batch. I personally hated making coffee because – since I don’t drink it – I don’t know how to make it and it would always be a disaster and taste miserable (I’ve been told).

So our receptionist, who orders our supplies, did some research and talked our money-cruncher into bringing in a new fangled machine – it makes CAFE MOCHA. It makes FRENCH VANILLA CAPPUCHINO. It makes GOOD tasting hot cocoa (as opposed to the water and fat-free Swiss Miss packets we used before). Want a strong cup of coffee? Hit “strong” and voila – it can hold up a spoon. Want mild weak coffee like my mother makes? Hit “Mild” and you get water as weak as a wet noodle. It’s fabu.

It can’t last.

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  1. Jane, you know you mom might make a weak cup of coffee, but she did choose to go into the tea business not the coffee business. I bet she makes a killer cup a tea at the drop of a hat.

  2. Nope, she makes her tea weak, too! I have to ask for it “extra strong” to get it the way I like it. But “extra strong” is pretty good!

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