The Mistake That Was Week Two

Ugh – could last night’s episode of American Idol be any more horrifying to watch? Six of those eight people basically sucked. It’s absolutely NO contest who will go forward.

I won’t even bother going through each performance. I’ll just make my predictions.

Who will go forward: Lisa Leuschner and Camile Velasco with Matt Rogers in third
Who should go forward: Same.

Let’s hope next week fares better or else the people from Week One were robbed by being put in the same group. Cuz as it stands – only the folks from last week deserved to be in the final 12.

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  1. They needed to do a better job of mixing the people up. The first week group was so good and this 2nd week didn’t do anything to me. I turned it off before I guess the good people came on.

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