The Metrosexual Analyst and Cute Admin

So today is the final day for Cute Admin and Mr. Metrosexual Analyst here at my office. Last night a bunch of us went out for drinks to celebrate…er, mourn the loss. I found out yesterday that our former Hot Admin is coming in to temp in Cute Admin’s new absence.

Cute Admin bequeathed a few of her things to the other admins. I got her candy dish (which she made herself) and this magnet thingie that I played with whenever I was over by her desk. She will be greatly missed – she’s a great girl.

As for Metrosexual Analyst, he has created a blog so that those he left behind can witness the transformation from normal metrosexual analyst to insanely bored layabout student. Thus the title of his blog: The Descent Into Madness. Should be a fun read in about three weeks when he realizes he has six more months of supreme boredom ahead of him before grad school starts.

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