The Melting Pot = Good Fondue

Last night Denis and I went to dinner at The Melting Pot with L-Train and Nic from my office. It was a really fun time and the food was great. This week in Charlotte they had a special “Queen’s Feast” event where a few dozen restaurants were offering price fixed meals for $30 per person. Some of those restaurants normally cost $80-100 per person (including TMP, which starts at $90 per person), so we jumped at the opportunity.

We had a four course meal – a cheese fondue, a salad, the main course fondue, followed up with a chocolate fondue. It was all YUM-MY. The cheese fondue was a spinach artichoke concoction, and we had bread, veggies, tortilla chips and apples to dip. We wolfed that down to the point where we were literally scraping the bowl to get every last bit of cheese we could.

The salad course came next, and they were basically just offered so that the coq au vin broth had time to warm up for the main course. Denis, Nic and L-Train all got the Piedmont, which was a mix of red meat, chicken, seafood and pasta. I got the coastal, which was lobster, salmon, shrimp and chicken (do chickens frequently live on the coast?). We had about a dozen sauces to dip our food into, and my favorite was some honey ginger sauce. It was fabulous with everything I had on my plate. L-Train was funny because the whole concept of fondue was weird to her, and at some point I think she made some comment about how she doesn’t go to restaurants so she can cook her own food. *lol*

The last course was the chocolate fondue. Oh my word. We opted for half dark chocolate and half white chocolate for our dip, and our items included marshmallows, rice krispy treats, pound cake, strawberries, bananas and brownie bites. Pure decadence. But at this point I was so stuffed that I actually felt pain as I ate the last brownie bite on the plate.

The other great part of the meal was the beverage I ordered. It was called a Turtletini, and it was basically Bailey’s Irish cream, butterscotch schnapps, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and regular Hershey’s chocolate syrup. The glass was lined with crushed pecans. It was the perfect drink. Just perfect. But at $9 each, I only ordered one.

All in all it was a fun night and we’ve decided to do it again next year when Queen’s Feast rolls around, but pick another restaurant – maybe Del Frisco’s, another highroller restaurant in uptown Charlotte.

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  1. Just a few things…
    “(including TMP, which starts at $90 per person)”
    – OMG, are you kidding me? Regular Price is $90.00 that is just outragious!!!! How do they stay in Business. I have only ever been once and that was 12yrs ago in Richmond, VA. I would never pay that. I am glad to see you soaked them for all their worth last night but apparently they can afford to take part of the Queen’s Feast because they charge people as though they were royalty all year round! DANG GUM! From here on out “The Melting Pot” goes under my “***holes” list of restaurants. $90.00 *scoffs*

    “(do chickens frequently live on the coast?)”
    – LOL, you made me laugh. I will say that the Perdue Farm in Maryland is on the Eastern Shore (which if you know Maryland means Across the Bay Bridge) but still it is “The Eastern Shore”.. so one could argue that they are found on the coast… but that would then be decided on who thinks where and when the coast starts or can it mean the coast of an ocean or a lake or a gulf. Just all depends really. Maybe they should just change the name to “things without lips”, but then they would have to sans the Salmon… oh things are never easy anymore.

    “I actually felt pain as I ate the last brownie bite on the plate.”
    – Mmmm Yummy! However, I see that even though you were in Pain it didn’t stop you from eating every last tasty bite. You make me wanna go to TMP right now for lunch… I guess my oatmeal breakfast just didn’t do the trick. However, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER pay $90.00.

    – Now that sounds FABULOUS… *drools* My new favorite drink, as I think I may have mentioned, is the Chocolate Martini, but HA-MAN the Turtletini may have to take its place. I will go online tonight and find the Recipe. YUM!

  2. Ace, the $90 regular price is for a four course meal – it’s not just for an entree of meat, rice and veggies. It’s an appetizer, a salad, a main dish and a dessert for $90. Yes, that’s still expensive, but you get a LOT of food for that price. But I’m much happier to have paid $30 (especially since by the time we added on drinks and such we STILL ended up at about $55 per person including tax and tip last night).

  3. I was totally under the assumption that the $90 per person was for the entire 4 course meal. However, I went to Applesleeze the other day and recieved their 3 course meal “Honey BBQ Chicken Tenders, A GREAT Oriental Chicken Salad and a Mini Dessert Mouse thingy in a cup, for $12.00.

    $90.00 is outragious per person anywhere. However, $30.00 is totally understandable.

  4. I saw the title and I was thinking OMG did she really go there for dinner? I know how expensive it is as my parents went there once and have talked about it frequently ever since. Then I got down to the Queen’s Feast part and I understood. What a deal. I’m glad you enjoyed it and you did make it sound so good that I want to go there NOW.

    Danielles last blog post..Independence Day ’08

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