The Living Room

Well, it’s 12:30 p.m. and the first coat of paint is on our living room walls. I went with Behr paint, a color called Riviera Sand. It’s going to require 2 coats for even color, but so far I really like the outcome.

Over the weekend my mother talked me into stripping the dining room of it’s awful floral wallpaper (a project I intended to hold off for a couple years). So last night we went to work. Within 30 minutes I was pissed off. I hate wallpaper, and I hate stripping it even more. Thankfully, Denis chipped in and began working in the dining room, allowing me to begin painting the trim in the living room.

So now I’m taking a break for a bit to get some lunch, check emails, surf the net for a bit. Then I’ll go back and begin putting on the second coat and fixing the trim where the taupe paint dripped. Tedious, yes, but worth the effort to have a nice coordinated living room for the first time since I LIVED AT MY PARENT’S HOUSE.

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  1. What’s funny about this is I could swear you were the instigator behind removing the wallpaper. But it turns out it was your mom. I laughed very loudly inside my head last night when you told me that. Here I am blaming you for being crazy for doing this to the floor guys and all along it’s your mom who’s crazy. *lol* She said she wished she could have come up with you to help out, but you should have demmanded. *lol*

    Anyway, the work is getting done and by Thursday everything will be back to normal and we’ll have a great looking place. Can’t wait to see the color tonight. Too bad I won’t be able to see it in natural light until Friday before I leave for FL.

  2. Sorry, D man. It’s easy for me to take the blame since I am far away ~ sock it to me! I know you will be so glad you did the removal when you have beautiful, clean, harmonious walls to go with the fabulous fabric Jane picked out for the windows, pillows and cushions. It will be so pretty. Send pics asap so I can see the new paint!

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