The Letter I’ve Sent – What About You?

This is the letter that I’ve sent to my House Representative who voted “Yes” on today’s bill. I will also be sending it to one of my Senators that voted “Yes” earlier this week.

“Shame on you. Shame on you for voting yes on a bill that is so egregious.

  • $6M for “Kids’ Wooden Arrows”
  • $128M for “Auto-Racing Tracks”
  • $148M for “Wool Research”
  • $192M for Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Rum Producers
  • $478M for filmmakers
  • Senator Byrd’s pet projects which mainly benefit Nevada residents as his election nears.

At a time when the government should be working for the people, politicians had to get their dirty little hands in there and push their pet projects into a bill that SHOULD HAVE ONLY DEALT WITH ONE ISSUE – THE BAILOUT. It could have been MUCH cheaper. Instead you force taxpayers to foot a bill that has items they didn’t even want to buy.

For a representative who is supposed to act in agreement with his constituents, you failed miserably. I feel it important to let you know that since you supported this ridiculous bailout bill, you will not only NOT get my vote, but I will tell everyone within the sound of my voice that you thought it was okay for over $952,000,000 (and more) in worthless, pointless, not-pertaining-to-the-financial-crisis PORK PROJECTS be voted through on this bailout bill. To Joe and Jill Taxpayer, that bacon is stinking up the joint.

Intelligent people had options on how to get out of this Wall Street debacle (Dave Ramsey’s plan was fantastic), but instead, government had to rush in and ignore anyone with valid proposals. Not only that, but the warning bells sounded years ago regarding the potential for this economic disaster to happen, and no one listened. Government and banking fat cats were too busy lining their pockets with the money they took straight from the American people.

Shame on you. I look forward to your being voted out of office in the election.”

At this rate, I may become so political that my own family looks apathetic next to me.

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  1. I’m happy to report that my representative and the rep from the neighboring district both voted Nay, as I expected.

    However, both of my Senators voted Yea on the bill they sent to the House, so boo on them. Of course, one is retiring and the other is a Dem. So I expected that result as well.

    I love your letter.

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