The Kitchen Floor Tiles

Here are pics of the Novalis floor tile that I picked for the kitchen. The more and more I read about them online the more I want to do this project. And the more I think I can do it myself rather than buying the tiles and having someone else lay them down.

Here is a picture of the tiles up against our dark coffee wall – see how well it blends with that color? I think it’s a nice contrast without being too dark.

And here is a picture of the floor tile as it would look coming out from under the fridge. The upper left corner shows the light coffee paint color we have in the kitchen and adjoining breakfast area. Once again – it’s a nice match that brings out the lightness in the tile. The upper right of the picture is the color of our maple cabinets.

Lastly, here is the tile up against our island cabinet. I just love the look of the tile and know that it would TOTALLY TRANSFORM the entire look of the kitchen! Right now that white vinyl sheet flooring is abominable! I think the Novalis tile makes it much nicer.

An 18″x18″ tile is $2.21, so it’s about $1 per square foot. I have 253 sq ft of space to cover (give or take – it depends on if I take the tiles into the laundry room and pantry areas – which I most likely will NOT do, and that 253 sq ft includes space that is currently taken by the cabinets and island). So I need to save up about $250 to buy the tiles. For all the projects we want done, I need to save up about $1,000 – this covers the two storm doors we want to get, the floor tiles for the kitchen, the three deadbolt locks and part of the labor expense to install all of those things and the foyer chandlier (which we bought several months ago). Right now I only have about $100 in Pay Per Post payments coming to me over the next month. I have $65 in Bluehost referral fees being paid out in about a month. I have about $150 in overtime due to be paid on the 15th, and I also have a large flexible spending account check coming next month (some of which is already earmarked for tithing). Add in any OT I can work in the next 2-3 weeks and I should be able to get the tiles, doors, and locks and have the handyman come out in the beginning of September to do the work. That would be awesome.

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  1. I am so grateful for all of you people who put in tile floors. That leaves less tile for me should I ever go temporarily insane and decide I want it in my house.

    Nope. Never.

    Yours looks nice, though 🙂

  2. The Tile Looks Fantastic Jaynee… love it with the Wall Color. I can’t wait until we redo our kitchen floor, right now we have hardwood and I can’t wait to replace it with Tile.

    Cathi: What is the flooring in your Kitchen if you don’t mind me asking. Also, why don’t you like Tile? Just a preferance or do you know something I don’t?

  3. so, let’s get some clarification ~ is it ceramic tile? Laminate squares that look like tile, which is what I have? Is it peel and stick? Does it require grout? I do love the look and think it is a great color choice for your kitchen. It will warm it up nicely. Did you check to see if you have hardwood in the family room?

  4. Marmie – it is vinyl flooring – peel and stick. Doesn’t require grout – has it’s own adhesive that can stick with no problem to our pre-existing floor as long as we mop clean the current floor before we start. Once adhered to the floor it is completely waterproof and if we need to replace a square for any reason we just have to run a hot blowdryer over the edges for a few minutes to loosen the glue, peel it up and put a new one down in its place.

    Haven’t checked yet to see if we have hardwoods under the carpet in the TV room – I’ll be sure to remember to do that tonight.

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