The Key to Good Dentistry

…is to go more than once every 10-12 years. I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday and found out I have three cavities. I’m not surprised – I hadn’t been to a dentist since my college days, so I actually thought “wow – only three cavities!” Since I’m preggers she opted not to work on them because she wanted to take x-rays to see how bad they are. And since I’m not feeling any pain associated with them, she said it was fine to wait until The Kid is born in April 2003. So there you have it. Now I need to get Denis in for an appointment – he’s gone without an appointment even longer than me, so he’s in dire need of a cleaning and checkup.

What was great about my two doctor’s appointments on Wednesday is that I didn’t have to pay a dime. My dental coverage is excellent at my company, and so I didn’t even have an insurance co-pay for the checkup and cleaning. And the ob-gyn appointment didn’t require a co-pay either, even though it usually does. Nice to know that sometimes insurance companies don’t screw over their customers.

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  1. gr8 insurance is not the norm unfortunately…good to hear you are “covered”…I dred my visit, I have not been myself in over 4 years…I have gr8 coverage, just hate teh friggin’ dentist since receiving a crappy root canal 5 years ago from a dunce who called himself a dentist

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