The Internet Is Dead Today

It has been really slow, which has been good because I was able to get a lot of online work done today.

*non sequitur – Big Fat Freddie the Cat is WIGGING OUT right now. No idea why but WOW is he one weird cat. Even Cooper The Dog ran away from BFF just now.*

I really only have a couple things to report.

I really don’t like the way Adam Lambert sings (and am sad he made it into the Top 12 last night on American Idol). I pray he doesn’t last too long once we get to the real Top 12.

Funny moment from today. I asked CootieBoy if he wanted pizza for dinner. He said yes, so I grabbed a Mama Celeste pizza from the fridge (they are basically single-size adult servings and I knew he’d eat about half). It had meatballs on it, which I told him he would like. Well, he took one bite and said, “Mama, you know who doesn’t like this pizza? Me!” The way he said it had me laughing, which ticked him off (he hates being laughed at).

I turned in our tax documents to the accountant yesterday and I’m more than a little nervous and will have Denis double-check everything once we get it back. I explained some of my business stuff to him and he still seemed lost, even though I arranged everything based on how he asked for things last year.

They are calling for snow here this weekend – anywhere from 1″ to 20″. Doesn’t that seem a little too vague? Seriously, how can I get a job as a weatherperson. Talk about a cushy job.

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