The Indiana Jones Cake Not Meant To Be

I got word today that my Indiana Jones cake topper kit is not available after all. Even though the place selling it claimed it was “in stock,” it really wasn’t. So no cool cake topper.

However, I have a solution. Denis bought CootieBoy a small Indiana Jones Lego model that I’ll just take out and put together and put on the cake. He’ll still get to play with it (once the icing is rinsed off) and he’ll get the Indiana Jones cake he wants. So I’ll pull it out tonight after he goes to bed, put it together and then run it to the cake shop tomorrow morning and have them decorate a cake around it.

*sigh* I did look up the Raiders of the Lost Ark lego kit at Toys R Us and it’s $70. A bit much for a cake topper.

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  1. “Lost Ark lego kit at Toys R Us”

    Dag, you read my mind… That is too bad about the price, but you seemed to have come up with a great solution.

    I hope he has a great birthday celebration!

  2. Sorry, just realized that you need it for the weekend. Have you tried BJ’s or Costco? They might have a kit in their bakery department.

  3. Lila, we’ve got it covered – we have an actual Lego toy we were going to give him for his birthday ANYway – we’ll just put it on the cake instead and let him play with it once it gets cleaned.

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