The House Projects – A Financial Revelation!

I had a thought this morning about the projects we want done around the house, and realized that we can TOTALLY do our projects and pay cash the whole way. I LOVE THAT!

1. At my medical appointment next week I’ll get my $200 payment (finally!) – instead of being an AmEx gift check (which are essentially useless *lol*) I’ve been told it’ll be actual MONEY.
2. I get $65 from Bluehost in about a month.
3. I currently have about $80 in my PayPal account.
4. I’m due about another $60 in PPP payments.
5. Daycare costs go down on August 18 – we’ll save $80 through the rest of August alone ($240/month after that).
6. I have my annual review tomorrow – which means a salary raise effective immediately (HELLO HIGHER OVERTIME PAY!) and a modest CASH BONUS.
7. I’m already due about $150 in OT pay with my August 15 paycheck.
8. The Flexible Spending Account payout on August 31.

Taking out tithes from the bonus and FSA payout, I’ll still have about $1,500 IN CASH to do the various house projects we need done (parts and labor combined). And that’s a LOW estimate since I don’t know how much of a bonus I’ll get or just how much I had saved in my FSA when I turned in my last receipts.

So next week I’ll be contacting the handyman we want to do the work and let him know that around the end of August we want him to come and spend an entire day at our house doing the various things that need doing.


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