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Well, lots going on at our house. TO our house.

This week we got a new roof. Ours sprunk a leak into our master bedroom a few months ago, and when insurance claimed it was normal wear and tear and NOT the heavy storms we had last fall that caused the shingle to shift and begin allowing water into our attic, we had to begin taking bids from roofing companies and do it ourselves. After some delay, the job began on Wednesday and they finished up last night. It looks great, and they did a good job. Today I’ll write the check (gulp) and send it over to them.

The only bad thing is that their heavy loader broke our driveway. Apparently there was a patch near the front that didn’t have a lot of dirt under it due to settling, and when the loader drove over it, the concrete snapped in half. Fortunately, our driveway was poured in six large quadrants (sexdrants? (hello freaky Googlers)), so we only need to repour one 10×10 section. But it’s yet more money down the drain for us. Boo. Fortunately, we know a guy who does concrete for a living, so I’m hoping he can come out and get it done for us. He’s contacting me today to set up a time to give me an estimate.

When he comes to give that estimate, I’m also going to have him estimate how much it would cost to expand the upper part of our driveway. I’ve love to have a third spot available for when we have company over – this way Denis and I can still get out of the garage. This is a “want,” though, not a “need,” so if it’s too expensive, we won’t do it.

As for the interior damage due to the roof leak, the roofing guys told us a secret for water stains: BLEACH. He said to put bleach in a spray bottle and just spray the area of our ceiling that is stained. He said we’d probably have to do it a couple times, but that it should work – and save us hundreds since we wouldn’t have to rip up our popcorned ceiling to have that area patched and replaced. So we’ll try that this weekend and see how it goes.

In other house news, I’m going to go out tomorrow and get a chair for the living room. I’m going back to the place I went to a couple weeks ago. They had a floor model on serious markdown and I think if I offer cash I can get it for even cheaper. It’s a single-person recliner but looks like a regular, small chair. It was comfortable, and it’s in a good neutral color for our TV room. I just hope it’s still there since it has been two weeks since I was in that store.

Lastly, I loaded up my floorplan software onto our computer again and messed around with the floorplan that I “created” last week. As my dad said in the comments, the dimensions were all wonky between the two sides. Now they aren’t – and the house looks good. Bear in mind my floorplan doesn’t show the kitchen in all it’s laid out glory because I’ve only had time to do the actual layout of the house – but the basic gist of the floorplan is there, and I love it (click to make bigger).

And that’s it for us right now. This next week is going to be super-busy. Other than Monday, we have something going EVERY NIGHT – cub scouts for CB, a play for Denis and me, the circus, another play for the whole family, and a quick overnight trip to Atlanta. Phew! I’m exhausted already and the week hasn’t even started!

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