The Halfway Point

Well, I’m about halfway done with my project. After putting together the raised garden pit, I went to our garden center and ordered 2 yards of topsoil. They dumped it in our driveway around 12:30 p.m. and I went to work shoveling it into a garbage can and lugging it to the backyard (we don’t have a wheelbarrow). I got about half the dirt in and finally gave up due to 1) exhaustion, 2) my sweat was sweating, 3) it was too darn hot. So I came inside, drank about a gallon of V8 and hopped in the shower. I had a nice long COLD shower (I never thought those could be enjoyable until today). I have not felt this clean in a long time. Of course, as I said I’m only halfway done – but I’ll wait til it gets below 100 degrees in the sun out there before I go out to finish the job. I’m tempted to go take a nap, but I know if I lay down I won’t get up til Denis gets home, and then my afternoon will be a waste. So I’m going to do some lite housework. Something that doesn’t require much movement so that I don’t start glistening again.

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