The Halfway Point

Is it really July already? That’s insane. I only took down the Christmas tree yesterday (at least, it feels that way).

It has been hot. How hot? Hot enough that I finally chose a contractor, negotiated a great price, and had them install two sparkling new air conditioning units in the house. Just in time for the 105 degree weather we had the day after they installed it! WOOT! We got them for a GREAT price (at about half what the first bid price was). Denis and I are both interested to see what our July bill will be like compared to July 2011.

The kids loved their week at camp and both agreed to go back next year. Huzzah! Now if I can just get them to agree to go for TWO weeks instead of one…

Tomorrow is July 4 and I shall be working in order to save the PTO. I’m not too upset about it, since the festivities don’t get started until the sun sets anyway. And given that it sets around 8:45 p.m. nowadays, I’ll be home for hours before the first explosion hits the sky.

As for reading, I’ve read 20 books thus far this year. I think that’s a new record. And yes, Denis, by “read” and I mean “listen.” They were almost all audiobooks. If I can keep to that speed and read/listen to 40 books this year that would be outstanding. When I last counted, my Kindle had over 500 books on there (99.9% of which I got for free – thanks, Amazon!) – so I’ve certainly got no excuses, do I?

Last year I read Brian Selznick’s “Hugo” to the kids and we really enjoyed the experience. And so this time around I’ve decided to read “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. I read the book many, many years ago and loved it. On a recent field trip the kids heard about the book and asked if I had read it. When I reminded them that they had a copy on their shelves, we decided to give it a shot. It’s a short book, so we should be done with it by next week.

No movement on the home addition yet. We’re still awaiting bids from two contractors. Once we get those we’ll pick our guy and move forward. I’m presuming we won’t break ground on any work until sometime in August. I’m not in any hurry, so that’s fine with me.

That’s about it. Life is busy – the kids always have something going on, and most nights we try to focus on doing something together whether it’s going to the pool, playing board games, hitting up Carowinds, or watching a movie on Netflix. The kids are at an age right now where they are really fun to be around AND they enjoy being around us as well – so we’re taking advantage of it before they decide we’re not cool anymore. *lol*

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