The Hair – It’s Everywhere

I gave the dogs a bath earlier this week. Chilly the Dog proceeded to begin shedding the next day and when I say “shedding” I mean SHEDDING HIS ENTIRE COAT. It’s insane. I came home from work and all he did was rub up against my black pants and they were covered in his white dog hair. I grabbed the dog brush and brushed him for 15 minutes and despite cleaning out the brush when it got full, he was nowhere near done. And then it happened again last night when I came home from work. Hair everywhere, and despite 10-15 minutes of grooming it was still coming out. The dog is blowing his coat. Big time. Today I’ll be calling the groomer to see if I can get him in for a Saturday appointment. I clearly upset his balance by giving him a bath. *lol*

Dobby the Dog, on the other hand, hardly sheds anymore. When we first adopted him he was losing hair like crazy. And he’s a short-haired breed, so he couldn’t afford to lose hair. We know now that it was because he was scared to death and nervous about everything. Once he calmed down and realized he was here to stay and that we adore him, he stopped shedding almost entirely. I still brush him occasionally though, mainly because I know he loves the attention.

CootieGirl and Dobby have bonded. She loves on him all the time. Chilly is kind of reticent in that regard and when she has tried to “hug and squeeze” him he’ll nip at her in warning. So I told her that Dobby the Dog will NEVER nip at her if she loves on him too much because he loves the attention, and so she has moved her affection over to him with nary a hesitation. He soaks it in and pretty much lets her do anything to him (if she put a bow on top of his head, I think he’d be okay with it as long as she only had eyes for him).

In other news, we’ve decided to board the dogs during this year’s White Elephant party. Because of Dobby’s separation anxiety, we can’t just tether him upstairs – he’ll bark the entire evening. So we’re going to check both dogs into a doggie hotel on Friday morning, and pick them up Sunday. I’m going to see if I can find a place that will let them be boarded together so that Dobby feels less alone during those two days. I just hope I can find a place that will do that.

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