The Grocery Game Resumes

We’re going to continue with our pantry challenge in order to free up space in advance of our White Elephant party in a few weeks (!), but last night I went Grocery Game shopping for the first time in over a month. I’d say I did pretty good – saving just over 50% using sales and coupons. Below is a picture of everything I got – the picture also includes a list of the items shown since some are hidden from view.

For those not familiar with stockpiling, the objective is to get things for as cheaply as possible in order to get a stockpile large enough that you don’t need to shop for that item for a LONG LONG time. Alternatively, if you find your surplus is out of control you can donate it to local charities.

In my case, the only things I really stockpiled last night were seltzer and tissues. But Denis goes through one of those bottles every other day (if not sooner), so that’s basically only a week’s worth right there. I had stockpiled tissues last winter for really cheap (less than 50 cents a box) and only last week did we pull out the last box. Fortunately, I had plenty of coupons, so this week we bought 13 more boxes (7 of them last night), which should last us til next summer at least. And I paid about $5 for all 13 boxes. Nice!

(you can click the picture to see a larger version of it)

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