The Great Eye Debate

I got a call from my optician last week saying that it was time for my latest eye exam to make sure my current glasses are doing their job. They are, but I’m wondering if I’m ready to get a new pair and have the current ones become my backups.

When I got my current glasses it was a 2 for 1 deal, and I got two pairs for about $100, including the eye exam. And while it would be risky to buy them online without trying them on, I’m tempted to look into buying eyeglasses from because they have frames starting from $8! Not only that, but the $8 frames are very close to the shape that I would pick out anyway! And even if I decide not to get regular glasses, for those prices it’s tempting to get prescription sunglasses instead. Sometimes I get a headache driving because I’m squinting into the sun – so getting prescription sunglasses would be ideal. But I don’t want to spend $100+ on them when I know that the likelihood of the sunglasses being broken (by the kids) is high. But spending ~$20 for prescription sunglasses? Much more reasonable.

I hadn’t ever heard of but I did see this recommendation online, which also includes comments from readers who have used them to get glasses. I’ll wait a few weeks and make the decision later about getting them, but if I find I continue to get headaches while driving into the morning or late evening sun, then it’s pretty much definite that I’ll be getting prescription shades from ZenniOptical.

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