The Good Old Days

Our receptionist is listening to house music at the front desk. Old School House from my days in the rave culture. A few of us were up there talking about the “old days” – what fond memories I have from my raving days!

A few of my favorites:

  • Going to any party where my friend Fil Latorre was spinning, knowing he would eventually play “Dreams” by Deep Dish Boys, one of my favorite songs of all time.
  • Going to a party in NC and being told by several patrons that my friends and I were the best dancers in the room.
  • My friend Scottie locking himself in his dorm room for an entire weekend to learn how to dance liquid-style. In 1994 this was a new form of dancing in the DC area – very hard to learn for someone like Scottie, who actually didn’t have a lot of rhythm. The next weekend he was dancing better than all of us – he had mastered liquid and was a joy to watch.
  • Hanging out in Charlottesville on the weekends for small local parties that Fil was spinning for, spending Sunday afternoons post-party listening to house music at Stroud’s skate shop (is it still there? who knows?)
  • Carrying a little notebook in my back pocket to every rave and club so that if I heard a song I liked I could raid the dj booth to find out the song title/artist and write it down.
  • 7 a.m. when the deep house music would come on over the speakers, and all the weary ravers would suddenly find their second wind and take over the dance floor for a final frenzy before leaving for the afterhours.
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