The Good and The Bad

I got an email yesterday from the woman who bought a bunch of my fleece fabric in July – she was requesting more. So I’m literally selling the last piece of red hat fleece that I have. VERY happy to be rid of it since that’s very much a “niche” pattern that only a select few people would have interest in! That’s the good.

The bad? Yesterday afternoon some rumors starting floating around our area that gas prices would be going up anywhere from $1 to $1.50 a gallon overnight. I first got an email from someone at work who has a friend who owns a convenience store. I emailed the co-worker back and said there was NO WAY it would go up that much – it didn’t even go up that much overnight with Hurricane Katrina. She swore up and down it would go up at LEAST by a $1 and I was quick to send her a link to the CNN page that showed oil was trading at $100.10/barrel as of 3:00 p.m. yesterday.

Then I go on my mommies forum and there’s ANOTHER post by a mommy claiming that a gas station in her area was running out of gas, put a 10-gallon cap on all purchases AND felt prices would be going up $1.50. $1.50? Really?

I don’t think so. There’s just no way.

So this morning I woke up early and saw on the news that several gas stations in our area are having gas runs where they have 30-40 cars waiting to buy gas. WHICH ONLY WENT UP 15 CENTS A GALLON OVERNIGHT. Why on EARTH are people panicking over a 15 cent increase? It’s ridiculous and pisses me off because all those gas runs are going to CREATE THE PRICE INCREASE – as more gas stations run out of gas, the ones that have gas left will absolutely raise their prices to whatever they want because they know they’ll get it. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Then I went on my mommies forum again and there was a whole thread about all these moms who went out last night and bought gas in an effort to avoid the price increase. So I posted my thoughts (being more diplomatic and tactful) that they were idiots for doing so and causing a problem for those us who REFUSE to panic.

I have enough gas to last until Tuesday. I REFUSE to give in to the panic by filling up. And I was gratified to see one station this morning selling gas for the EXACT SAME PRICE it was selling yesterday morning.

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  1. Just in case you forgot, I’m taking your car to the airport on Monday and you don’t have enough gas to last until Tuesday. You’re going to be lucky to last until Sunday when you get my car. Fortunately, you don’t get my car until Monday. I’m going to fill up this weekend and you should be okay. Now I may have to fill your car up too. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Yes, I know – but you’ll still have enough gas to get there and back home.

    DON’T fill up your van this weekend – that’s the very thing I don’t want you to do because you’ll pay high prices when you don’t need to.

    And don’t fill mine up either.

  3. And don’t fill mine either Denis, okay?
    I’m liking the $3.67 I currently pay thanyouverymuch (compared to the almost $5 I was paying not so very long ago).

  4. You can fill mine up!! 😉
    Gas up here in southern Virginia went up about 20 cents yesterday. Stupid stupid stupid. Fortunately I filled up yesterday morning and should be okay for a week on that.

  5. Nevis, on a personal level, no I’m not worried about Ike because I don’t believe I know anyone in the area. In general, yes, I worry about the people that live there and their ability to evacuate. On a gas/oil level, no I’m not worried at all.

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